about us

PIDT : People’s Institute for Development and Training

an action based research and educational institute at the grassroots level designing futures

The acronym PIDT means “oppressed” or “ailing” in Hindi. PIDT stands for and ensures vision. PIDT seeks to catalyze development of humane, sustainable and egalitarian societies by increasing the entrepreneurial capacities of marginalized people and connecting them to opportunities towards a more equal and empowered world as designed by the marginalized themselves. The People’s Institute works tor a People Centric Holistic Development Paradigm towards a Society that is Sustainable through Self Reliant Transformation. >>


PIDT has been practising Action Research since it’s inception. Many of the studies have been archived at a time when civil society intervention was marginal in the country. The studies and process documentation of praxis are in places which remain Development dilemmas even today. >>


PIDT pursues an holistic approach to development that is based on the comprehensive needs of the communities in which it works. While specific projects may fall primarily under one program area, our work is more often located in the productive space between program areas, borne of interrelationships that are constituent. >>


IAVE's 15th Asia-Pacific Regional Volunteer Conference will be hosted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by Yayasan Salam Malaysia. The conference will be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is located in the heart of the Kuala Lumpur City Centre. >>

  1. Anandalaya

    The ‘ Anandalaya’ will introduce the pupils to the right values as Gurudeo Ravindranath Tagore had wished .The values and correct perspective on life and environment along with solid knowledge base will make the pupils coveted citizens of the country. >>


    The Craft Development Centre of the District is managed by PIDT and is known as Shilpalaya, that is the abode of crafts. Here artisans are trained in terracotta, embroidery, back-strap loom, handloom and terracotta. It is a center for innovation and excellence so that value- addition can be done to the products so that they get a better market price.>>

  3. Lokshala

    The Lokshala or “ People’s School” is the Resource Centre for PIDT where all the development outreach as well as the training’s take place. It is easy to reach with good motorable roads from Ranchi, Patna or Kolkata. It also has good connectivity by train from all parts of the country and will soon be well connected by air from Deoghar.