An Holistic Approach to Development

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People’s Institute for Development and Training is an action research and teaching–learning institute.

It’s acronym PIDT means “troubled” in most North Indian languages. PIDT seeks to catalyze development of humane, sustainable and egalitarian societies. PIDT works to ameliorate social conditions of oppression and deprivation by increasing the capacities of people and the opportunities available to them so that they may design different futures for themselves. PIDT uses participatory planning and full engagement strategies, education,capacitation and reflective learning practices, triggering mechanisms of resistance inherent in people’s struggle for freedom, ensuring that they retain ownership of the development process, and kindling a desire for continuous growth and transformation.

PIDT draws strength from approximately 50 full time professional and field staff, part time cadre members, and hundreds of based community volunteers who work with considerable autonomy under the overall mission guidance of the senior management team and Boardof the organisation members to reach an underprivileged population of around 300,000 people.