Networking for Voluntary Action

Over the last several years, PIDT has built a growing network with other local NGOs and international organizations to promote voluntary civic engagement toward social justice and empowerment of the oppressed, with the ultimate aim of creating a more humane, egalitarian, peaceful society.

In partnership with the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) and the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE), PIDT hosted the 2001 Asia-Pacific Conference on “Volunteering for Humanism in the New Millennium,” and, building on its success, the 2006 World Conference on “Volunteering for Peace in Multicultural Societies” with associated youth conference on “Youth as Change Agents: Volunteering for Peace.” In conjunction with these efforts, PIDT is the permanent home of Volunteer India, the Indian branch of IAVE.

Through these forums, PIDT and its partners seek to provide space for the convergence of local, national and international players from all sectors of society who are working at the forefront of advocacy, research, community-building and development initiatives, and to enable strategic exchange between development actors, bringing together governments, NGOs, corporate entities, and autonomous bodies on one platform to formulate and most effectively implement policies. In addition to organizing major conferences on volunteering, PIDT regularly attends other National conferences, conducts and participates in trainings with local development organizations, and engages in collaborative ventures on a regular basis.

Connections are made, insights shared, and institutional relationships established that will last beyond our lifetimes. The value of such gatherings reverberates through the confluence of ideas, the development of productive networks and the harnessing of social capital toward investment in civil society interventions that are transforming the world into a more just, humane and peaceful place. Back