Our Values

An Holistic Approach to Development !

Listening to the People to Learn from the People

India is home to the largest democracy in the world and voter turnout among the lower socioeconomic segments of society is impressive by world standards. Yet, even the best-crafted policies often fail to be effectively implemented

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Changing Minds, Changing Societies

This millennium has seen a rising tide of terrorist violence around the world, a deepening of religious and communal tensions, and a continuation of war, oppression, and genocide exercised by the powerful over the bodies

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Bringing Together the Best of Both Worlds

Too often, development is considered primarily in macroeconomic terms, with large industries and commercial enterprises trampling local livelihoods and leaving the ruins of cherished customs

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Healing the Land, Healing the Hand that Feeds Us

Environmental degradation and the demands of global capitalism have placed severe strain on ecosystems, disproportionately affecting those in the developing world who inhabit areas already suffering from poverty

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Embodying Care

While the rise of HIV/AIDS and other global pandemics in India have drawn increasing international attention to health and health care challenges in resource-poor areas

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Building a Global Movement

Networking for Voluntary Action
Over the last several years, PIDT has built a growing network with other local NGOs and international organizations to promote voluntary civic engagement toward social justice and empowerment of the oppressed, with the ultimate aim of creating a more humane, egalitarian, peaceful society

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Our commitments

Early childhood care and Nutrition

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Peace, Femininity and Sustainability Dialogues

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