Programmes : Artisans, Livelihoods and Entrepreneurship


Small artisans play a big role in emerging economies. The “artisan economy” is one of the largest employers in the developing world. But these entrepreneurs, many of whom are women, are often limited by their inability to access financial services such as loans to expand their operations and hire workers. The research shows that when women entrepreneurs succeed they drive economic growth and invest more back into their families and communities. It is said that all together, the world’s artisans represent the fourth largest economy on the planet. The area of PIDT’s work however is in a very backward area and we are engaged in immense effort to bring the artisans to be entrepreneurs in new expanded markets.


UDYOGALAYA - School of Rural non-farm Techniques and Technologies

PIDT has collectivized artisans into skill-based groups. Many of the women are highly talented in various handicrafts and work with their families or with other women in their village. Hundreds of artisans have been trained to value add to their products, so that they can regenerate both their cultural heritage and their economy. The children from Anandalaya also learn various crafts, which will increase their lifeskills and experiential learning.