Programmes : Peace, Feminity and Sustainablity Dialogues


Peace must be recognized as a social environment, a space, both physically and in the mind, steeped in the feminine, in which communities can formally and informally come together. The presence of women and care nurtures this very context, producing mindful spaces in which tension and conflict can be negotiated through dialogue and compromise. Women play a critical role in terms of family integrity; women are the perpetuators of ideal society. When the family space is safe, gender-neutral, it is appropriate for informal, public community gathering. Such shared gathering, activated by feminine presence, provide a community-based platform for peace; whose familiarity inspires participation, dialogue, and decision-making, and empowers a sustainable society. Women have also been cultural leaders in the creative arts where every menial task like say plastering the walls is made into an expression of joy through decoration.


NATYALAYA - School of Folk based Creative arts & communication

Theatre, poetry, music, folk arts all convey abstractions of social experience. They also help us get in communication with our inner self and remove inhibitions of expression and contribute to socio-physical space. The school works on a big canvas approach, so that a regenerative culture can be created that encompasses Justice, Peace, Feminity, Sustainability, Transformation and the like for a more responsible society. The artists and artisans are encouraged to interact and work with the students so that they acquire the necessary skills for peaceful and transformational expression.

SEVALAYA - School for Volunteer Leadership and Transformation

PIDT has been instrumental in changing the nature of dialogue in conflict situations between different groupings of caste, community, gender, family etc. so that the peaceful and creative forces of individuals can flourish. The youth energy in the contemporary world has increasingly focused on the self or individual materialism surrounded by a world of commodification of culture and values. PIDT Sevalaya seeks to inculcate the spirit of reciprocity moving from “I to We “ and the understanding that in “Giving is Getting”. All trainees to the institute are exposed to this understanding through various games and experiential exercises.

CHARCHALAYA – Dialogue and Advocacy

People to people and people to places connections can transform people and their worldview. PIDT wants to develop people’s understanding of peaceful and ecologically friendly cultures, which has a resilience in their survival proving their sustainability and economic viability. PIDT will promote ecologically and spiritually oriented rural tourism, so that the country can reduce the masculine content of it’s society to accepting feminine manners of behaviour and conflict resolution, as well as materiality, customs and traditions.