PIDT is an advocacy group and action tank, leveraging wider appreciation of the opinions and efforts of the marginalized and facilitating their greater integration in development processes and decision-making at all levels. PIDT builds networks to spread the spirit of volunteering for social change across different sections of society. Having emerged as a strong catalyst in the development of sustainable, value added services for the oppressed so that they may actualise their potential, PIDT is moving toward institutional capacity-building within the development sector to share its critical understanding of participatory and transformative methods so that the needs of the underprivileged may be met on a wider scale and with greater alacrity.

PIDT is currently well positioned to:

• Continue to build capacity in the areas we are working.
• Scale up successful operations such as Sanhati Bipani collective marketing, Anandalaya school, and research and development in herbal medicines.
• Work to integrate with existing structures and systems such as the panchayati raj system and other government initiatives.
• Develop a resource library and training program to share lessons with other local and National development organizations.
• Enhance our global networks to exchange information and insights and to increase opportunities for volunteering across the broader development community.