Listening to the People to Learn from the People

Volunteer to to help PIDT continue in it’s efforts in building sustainable communities. Volunteer in the different activities and Donate your :

· Talents,

· Time,

· Thoughts

· Things or

· Money for a cause

The village development work from Lokshala could also be supported by

Plant a tree – INR 1000/-

Build a toilet – INR 10,000/-

Gift a potters wheel - INR 20,000/-

Sponsor an woman artisan - INR 21000 ( for 3 months)

Sponsor an woman farmer – INR 15000 ( for 3 months)

Build your Check Dam – INR 30,000

The school Anandalaya Public School has many needs.

You can Sponsor a child’s education - INR 6000/- ( for a year)

Sponsor an assistant teacher – INR 30,000 ( for an year)

Sponsor a volunteer teacher – INR 60,000/- ( for a year)

Build a classroom (and we name it in a name of your choice ) - INR 1, 50,000

You could , for e.g. , contribute to the

· Science Lab,

· Computer Lab,

· Clinic

· School Furniture ,

· Smart classes .

· girls hostel,

· books and teaching material

· play material

Our commitments

Early childhood care and Nutrition

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Peace, Femininity and Sustainability Dialogues

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